Why Thai food is so popular?

Why Thai food is so popular?

Why Thai food is so popular?

Posted on July 23nd, 2022.

Thai food has become one of the most popular cuisines in the world, with restaurants in most big cities in America and Europe. The Thai food crazy has been spreading across the globe over the past 50 years and there are very few places it hasn’t reached. The intense flavor has conquered the hearts and palates of so many people, so what exactly makes Thai food so special?

It packs a punch

Without a doubt the number one reason for its popularity is flavor. It just tastes SO good! The magical combination of sweet, spicy and sour creates an explosion of flavor at every mouthful.

There’s nothing quite like it. Thai food is notorious for its fresh herbs and spices particularly lemongrass, mint, galangal, lime and chili. These ingredients give each dish layer upon layer of zingy freshness and intense aroma.

It's good for you

A plate of Thai food is one of the most photogenic there can be as it’s so colorful. There are usually several different vegetables involved making this cuisine a healthy option. The herbs and spices also have beneficial properties, for instance, galangal and lemongrass are both rich in antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties.

What’s more, the cooking methods used help all the great nutrients to reach your plate. In fact, steaming and stir-frying are two of the most popular ways to cook in Thailand and both are great at preserving nutrients.

Quicker than take away

Another reason people LOVE Thai food is that it’s so easy to make. Once you have all the Thai ingredients, spices and sauces, it’s just a matter of waking them all in the wok. The style is simple, quick but packed with exotic flavor.

It really couldn’t be easier with deSIAM’s Kits, filled with everything you need to whip up amazing food in just a few minutes.

It's great value

Another reason why the streets are filling with Thai restaurants is that they are generally of great value. Large portions and filling food at a very reasonable price – it’s not surprising Thai food has become such a popular choice for eating out and ordering takeaway.

The same goes for cooking it yourself as you don’t require lots of niche ingredients, just stock up on the main sauces and pastes and you’ll be able to put together a delicious Pad Thai or an indulgent Green Thai Curry in no time at all!


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